Cross Technology is a small but quality focused operation.  We have been in business since 1998 providing computer technical support and sales, and have expanded into other areas since our original startup offered services.

Dustin Cross is the company owner and primary operator.  He has a long standing history with computers and providing quality technical services to clients.

His current primary employment is as a Network Specialist for Charter Communications.  He holds an A+ certification, a CCNA certification, and is currently working on BSCI and BGP certifications through Cisco.  He is also learning programming in c#, and Windows Server 2008 environment.

We provide residential and small business related technical services in Madison and the surrounding areas and have worked with over 150+ clients.

We also look into providing custom software solutions on an as-needed basis for the benefit of community groups focused on various technology interests. 

We also have various contractual employees from time to time to assist with projects as needed.